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Build Status

This is a LibreSchool plugin used to force a browser start page on all clients. On this start page you can have multiple buttons/icons acting as a link to different services. There's a basic GUI for configuration but it lacks links configuration.


Just go in the "start page" section on the server's administration interface. From here you can enable or disable the start page.


On the "Users" tab, you can change the start page for all users.


You can add a new link via command line (just SSH to server and issue this command)

# db startpage set link2 link enable yes title "Registro Elettronico" link "" imagelink ""

Remember to regenerate the start-page after each modification:

# /etc/e-smith/events/actions/startpage-refresh 

Advanced Usage

Custom templating

There's support for templating, so you can customize your own template. Just create a new file (let's say mytemplate.jinja2 and put it in /usr/share/startpage/templates). As you can imagine, jinja2 is used as the templating engine. If you need custom assets (images, css, and so on), you can put it under /usr/share/startpage/assets; keep in mind that this path is reachable via http on the /startpage URI. To select the active template:

# db startpage setprop configuration template mytemplate

As usual, remember to regenerate the start-page.

Renaming output file

If for some reason you want to rename the output file, do like this:

# db startpage setprop configuration outfile /var/www/html/index.php

As usual, remember to regenerate the start-page.